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Aug 18, 2022

Shane Hitz has been busy building routes and putting on gravel races in Wisconsin for many years. This week he's here to tell us all about his routes, the Red Granite Grinder, and Wisconsin gravel riding and bikepacking. After this conversation I'm even more excited about at the Red Granite Grinder on Oct. 15th!

The Red Granite Grinder is quickly making a name for itself in the gravel world. What makes this route really special is the hard work that Shane and his counter parters at Ironbull to get access to private land that you can only ride if you enter this race! Listen to today's episodes for all the details and when you're ready to sign up head over to I'll be there this year covering the event from a media perspective and riding the 25 mile group ride on Friday. So make sure to ride over and say hi!

Ready to sign up for the Red Granite Grinder - Sign up here and I'll see you there in Oct!

This weeks quote ~ "Pay attention! This is your life. You're going to want to know what it feels like."


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