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Oct 7, 2022

RJ Sauer is no stranger to big trips, big challenges, and big adventures. I've been following him and his work for years with great interest and a tinge of jealousy. Last year he set out to take on a new challenge, this time with his 3 year old son, Ollie, in tow. They settled on the Rexy Gravel Race, a 200 mile mixed terrain race starting in Fruita, CO and ending in Moab, UT. The catch? You've got 24 hours to complete it! Before you dive into today's episode you may want to watch his film first.

Along For The Ride - Film

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Kuat - Have you seen Kuat's Piston SR? It's essentially the single rail version of the Piston Pro X.Same great features like all metal construction, Tiger Drylac (dry-lack) automotive powder coat, Genuine Kashima (kash-ee-ma) Coat, hydro-pneumatic ratchet arms that hug the tires and don't touch your bike frame. Kuat took the Piston Pro X and elevated it, literally.

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