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Feb 8, 2024

Today we are catching up with Lewis Ciddor after his impressive 3rd place finish at Tour Te Waipounamu. Many of you will be familiar with Lewis. He won the Tour Divide in 2018 and was the host of the Overland Archive Podcast for many years. Lewis was on the show in Aug. of 2020 for Ep. 51. Since then I've noticed he's been keeping a lower profile. Not entering races, not releasing episodes of his own podcast, not posting on social media as much, so when I saw him back in the race lineup I was eager to catch up with him.  
I was also eager to hear more about the Tour Te Waipounamu. It takes place on the south island of New Zealand and looks to be equal parts challenging and beautiful. The route is known for a variety of terrain, river crossings, hike a bikes, and off trail navigating. In other words, it’s a real challenge. In the world of ultra endurance mountain biking, this race stands out as being particularly hard, and that’s saying something.
It had been four years since Lewis had raced before lining up at TTW. Any doubts he had going into that race about being the racer he once was were going to be faced on the beautifully rugged terrain that is Tour Te Waipounamu. Not all victories come in the form of winning. For Lewis, his victory came by facing and overcoming challenges during the race that at one point had him in 12th place with only 300 miles to the finish. On today’s episode Lewis takes us through his journey as he made his way through the field and onto the podium in his first race in 4 years. 

Panorama - Today we highlighted the Katahdin which is Panoramas carbon gravel bike and the bike that Patrick has been personally riding for over a year.

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