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Feb 23, 2024

The East Texas Showdown is in its fourth year and it's our biggest one yet.  With 250+ riders from all over the world decending on East Texas we wanted to produce an episode to help you have a successful weekend in the woods.  

We surveyed all the riders participating in ETS 2024 and I brought in a panel to help me answer your questions.  The panel consist of one person from each of the three categories from last year.  

From the Showdown we have Harrison Kroos, the Slowdown is represented by Vince Colvin, and our Lowdown representatvie is Aja Roberts.  

I appreciate each of them for helping me answer your questions and producing a fun and informative episode to help other riders have a successful weekend!  

Even if you aren't participaiting in the offical ETS, the route files are available for free at and anyone is welcome to ride the routes anytime.

We'd like to thank our ETS sponsors for this year:

Handup Gloves
Kuat Racks
Mulberry Gap
Old Man Mountain
The Radavist
Ruby Coffee
Thomson Bikes
Woom Bikes
The Bullet Grill