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Aug 4, 2021

Jefe Branham's just completed the Colorado Trail Race for the 9th time, and he's won 4 of them!  He lives in Gunnison, CO which puts the Colorado Trail in his "backyard", his relationship with the trails goes back almost 30 years.  He is also the race director, so you can see why he's earned the title Mr. Colorado Trail.

This year he completed the race in 4 days, 16 hours, and 8 minutes on his Why Cycles El Jefe, setup single speed.  After setting a new AZT 300 ss record earlier this year some were looking at Jefe to potentially take down the Colorado Trail Race ss record this year as well, but weather wasn't on his side.  And as we learn in this episode, the record time of 4d, 6h, 39m held by Timon's Fish, may be a tough one to beat.  

Jefe's accomplishments are greater than my knowledge of them.  Mostly because he isn't one to tout them.  Instead he focuses his time and attention on the doing, and he's damn good at it.  

To follow Jefe you can find him on Instagram or his Blog.  

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