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BoD Theme Song (Cover), by ian Cherry

Jan 26, 2021

When Miles Arbour dropped his original BoD Theme Song Live on Episode 30 I was equally flattered and blown away. Since we've been running it at the beginning and end of each episode I've received numerous messages from people who echo my sentiments. It inspired one listener, Ian Cherry, so greatly that he wrote and recorded his own version.

The intro to his cover song was featured on Ep. 63, but you can listen to the full song below and read a note from the artist.

Bikes or Death Theme Song "Cover" by Ian Cherry

I am humbled to share this tribute to Miles Arbour's Bikes or Death theme song with fellow fans of the podcast, and I’m very grateful to Patrick and the show's many guests for hours of wonderful conversations. I enjoy riding my trusty-rusty 1980's Schwinn between traffic in New York City, and a recent-ish Rivendell Atlantis everywhere else (from dodging lapping waves at Rockaway Beach, finding the magic road in the sweet spot of the sand, to practicing pedal technique in the rooty woods near my hometown in South Jersey), but have not yet gone bikepacking. When the world becomes safe to do so, I hope to ride with friends (where there are bears) and alone (where there are not bears) on every continent, and look forward to the challenge of plant-based eating, along the many roads (and decidedly not roads), wherever they may lead. 

After hearing 'this version' of the theme song in my head and singing it around the house I decided to make the song a reality. I hope to hear other listener’s jams to the opening theme as well!

Thank you again Patrick. Wishing you happy and healthy holidays. I hope you know this podcast made this year a lot better for a lot of people. You gave people a space to dream about the "great outdoors" in a time when we couldn't be.

Warmest regards,

Ian Cherry