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Mar 10, 2023

Rebecca Rusch is an accomplished endurance athlete with 40 years of experience. Her list of accomplishments over that time period has been impressive. Among other things, she is a 7x World Champion Adventure Athelete, 2x Iditarod Trail Invitational winner, MTB hall of fame inductee, and a Red Bull Athlete.

On today’s episode we tackle the topic of Winter Riding. Some of the topics discussed are layering, eating, keeping water from freezing, managing electronics, and going potty. The information is this episode is invaluable and it’s a result of Rebecca’s extensive personal experiences.

We are honored to have Rebecca back on the podcast and grateful for her willingness to share some tips she’s learned over the years.


Red Granite Grinder – It’s time to register for the RGG that takes place on October 14th in Wausau, Wi. I did an episode about last years event that you can check out here.

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