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Aug 15, 2019

On this episode I chat with Anna Claire Beasley and Beckie Irvin, creators of Grit Fest: a women’s mountain bike festival going down this November in Arkansas. The three day festival is open to womxn (cis, trans, and non-binary) riders of ALL levels and will focus on skill development, community building, outdoor advocacy and education. The schedule is packed with workshops and clinics, speakers, social events, a gear swap, camping, beer, and more. 

Bikes or Death is proud to support Grit Fest as a sponsor, and I’m excited to have these two awesome women on the show to tell us what it’s all about.

Beckie and Anna Claire share a passion for mountain biking and a commitment to inclusivity that really shine through in this interview. I couldn’t agree more with their philosophy that it doesn’t matter what bike you have, what you wear when you ride, or whether your gear is basic or fancy. As their website says: “It’s not about the gear, the kit, or the bike. It’s about the ride + where it takes you.”

In addition to Grit Fest, we also touch on plenty of other interesting topics: the psychology of how different genders learn in sports, the importance of inclusivity in the world of cycling (“If you have a bike, and you ride it, you’re a cyclist”), and the unexpected popularity of women’s ultra-endurance cycling races back in the early 1900’s. If that caught your interest, here's a link to the book we talked about: Women on the Move, the Forgotten Era of Women’s Bicycle Racing.

Grit MTB Festival details:
Nov. 15-17th, 2019
Tickets go on sale Aug. 19th at 9am CST
Spots are still available for sponsors, vendors, and presenters.

To learn more, visit or check out gritmtbfestival on Instagram.

“Grit Fest is a 3-day grassroots festival designed to bring womxn (cis, trans, and non-binary) together around the sport of mountain biking. Regardless of skill level, every woman is welcome. In addition to helping you develop your skill set, Grit Fest will focus on building community, outdoor advocacy, and education.”