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Aug 22, 2019

Kerry Staite is the owner and founder of kLite. I've been a customer of his for a couple of years and have followed him on social media (@klite_dynamo_power on Instagram) with growing curiosity. It was this post that made me reach out to him immediately:

"This is ME, I am kLite
I wear no shirt of social conformity.
I wear no hat to hide my hairless shame
I am flesh and blood, I am free to be me.
I am kLite" ~ Kerry Staite

I pictured him as a mad scientist inventing cool electronic gadgets that are beyond my ability to comprehend. While I do still see him as a mad scientist type, he does an excellent job of explaining his products and how they work.

After interviewing him for two hours I can confirm the statement he made in that Instagram post, "I am free to be me." He shared his ideas and perspectives without hesitation or fear of any backlash. It was refreshing.

It was also informative. He is a wealth of bike and life knowledge that has come through a lifetime of experiences. I learned a lot and truly enjoyed our conversation.

My favorite quote from the podcast was, "I don't give a shit if all I have is a bag of rice. As long as I get to do something I love that makes me happy."

We will be recording another episode in the near future. If you have some questions for Kerry drop them in the comment section below and I'll get you answers!