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Apr 15, 2020

I’m excited to have Jerod Foster back on the podcast, he was first on as my 3rd guest.  On that episode we discuss his career as a Professor at Texas Tech University, where he teaches a class called Adventure Media.  In this class he takes 16 student bikepacking and gives this real world experience capturing content in wild places.  I was fortunate to go on one of these trips and see first hand the impact that this course has on the students who chose to tackle it.  If you’d like to hear more about that I suggest you go back and listen to episode 3 where we discuss this and much more.  

As I got to know Jerod better I started to admire him for another reason, his ability to have an adventurous life and career, while still playing an active role in his family.  As a father I know the challenges of taking young kids outside and immersing them in nature, I also know the benefit.  I believe it is an important role as a parent, but it’s not always easy.   I hope you’ll enjoy this episode on being an adventurous spouse and parent as much as I did.  Jerod shares some real heartwarming stories and already has me planning my first bikepacking adventure with my girls.