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Dec 27, 2023

It's that time again. Time to look back at a year of podcasting, give some awards, and make some promises for next year that I'm sure to break a few :)

This is the last episode of the year, and it's a doozie. Originally intended to be one episode, I've broken into 3 parts due to its length. So here's what we've got for ya with this one:

Part 1: Bikes or Death Awards - Today
We asked our listeners to help us vote on the best episodes from 2023. In this episode we look back on a great year of podcasting and give awards in the following categories: Best Episode of the Year, Most Informative, Most Entertaining, Most Inspirational, and Most Downloads. I also share some stats from 5 years of Bikes or Death and a look forward with some goals for 2024.

Part 2: Meet the Team - Dec. 28th
Bikes or Death is growing and I've hired some people to help. In this episode I sit down with Mckensie Barney, Ariel Marlowe, and Ben Crannell, to introduce you to the people that help make what Bikes or Death does a reality.

Part 3: AMA with Patrick - Dec. 29th
In the final installment Patrick answers listener questions, and he gets his girlfriend, Natalie, to ask your questions. We got a ton of questions, so this episode will be sure to make the "long live long-form" listeners very happy.

Thanks for riding bikes with us in 2023. After five years of podcasting I'm never not grateful to the listeners who support our work. As always, I've got big plans for next year and I look forward to riding with y'all again in 2024.


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