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Mar 31, 2020

Emma Flukes doesn't shy away from a challenge. In fact, she seeks them out and seems to thrive there. She is the brainchild behind the twisted, grueling, unsanctioned, unsupported, route described as "a scenic trip to Hell", and known as Tassie Gift. In Nov. of 2019 she and a handful of other lunatics set out to test themselves in some truly unprecedented weather making the 1,100 miles and 125,000 ft. of climbing even more challenging. As I followed along as a dot watcher and instagram stalker I was surprised and impressed by Emma's attitude, she seemed completely unphased by any of it, and at some times seemed to thrive. After the race we started chatting about recording a podcast, but it took several months (my fault) before I was able to peel back what was really going on behind the veil of instagram.

A month ago she participated in and took second at the Vic Divide. She chatted with the creator of the race Lewis Cidor on his new podcast Overland Archive. Her telling of the race was much less dramatic that one may expect, but I won't ruin the surprise here. You gotta listen.

I'd recommend that you check out her instagram profile @oneflukeshot before you listen to this one. It's actually pretty insane and will add context as you listen.